It's not very easy to get the wording for a gift certificate quite right. When it comes to gift certificates, there are some compulsory elements as well as optional elements you need to add. Aside from these standard elements, there are also some legal mentions you need to add so as to ensure certain restrictions as to how your gift certificate is used.


While completing a gift certificate template, the following elements have to be included:

1.) Name of your company

2.) Recipient's name

3.) Voucher value (in dollars or your local currency) or the service provided by the voucher. It is the most sensitive element of the gift certificate. To avoid a case where the customer changes the amount, it is important for you to print it on, rather than write it manually.

4.) Certificate serial number: A serial number is important for a lot of reasons, particularly for combating fraud and also for keeping track of certificates that have been given out.

When you give the certificates unique numbers, you make it hard for them to be tampered with successfully by a dubious customer. As an instance, you could have a tracking log which would associate the serial number with its value, issuance date and the name of the customer.


1.) Purchaser's name: This could be a compulsory element in a lot of certificates.

2.) Personal message: For those who want to personalize a certificate, this is a way to do it. It gives the purchaser the option of adding a customised message to the receiver.


1.) Restriction for a certain type of service/product: If the idea is to give out the certificate for a specific service, mention "Valid only for service X" or "to be used towards the purchase of X" on the certificate.

2.) No cash value: This will keep you protected from people who attempt to redeem a certificate for cash (yes, it happens). Mention "No cash value" or also, "not redeemable for cash".

3.) Non-transferability: If the certificate is only to be redeemed by the person whose name is on the certificate, then mention "Non-transferrable".

4.) Certificate expiration: Check the legal regulations that apply in your state/country or ask an attorney for this one as it may not be legal there.

If it is legal, include an expiry date, say, after a year, it becomes invalid. Mention "expiration date: X"

So now, you are aware of what to include in your gift certificate to ensure you don't get cheated. Have fun wording your gift certificates templates to match your requirements and intentions for their use.